Install rebound boards down the middle of the Sports Hall

Install rebound boards down the middle of the Sports Hall

The Sports Centre should install rebound boards down the centre of the sports hall to prevent balls constantly passing under the netting and causing a health and safety hazard.
When there are two teams playing and the sports hall is split in half, balls and other equipment roll under the net and become tripping hazards for those playing sport on either side of the hall. This also causes tension between each respective sport as they are constantly passing their equipment under the net. This interrupts sessions and causes huge amounts of frustration.
Rebound boards have the ability to be taken out and put in back in very easily and are something used extensively by other Sports Centres across the country.

Submitted by Louis H.

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Keiren R.

As a committee member of the Dodgeball team, I can 100% back the fact rebound boards would help out a lot for sure. With having balls being thrown towards the net at high speeds, majority of the time we have balls go under the net, which is annoying when we have people on the other side of the hall kicking the balls which damages dodgeballs. As well as this, it won't eat into training times.

Kelson M.

Really good idea please do it! Balls consistently go under the curtain in our sessions so it would be fantastic not to be going to get them throughout the matches.

Nathan B.

This is a must! Not only does it waste time for us constantly getting balls, it mainly would aid other sports who are effected and distracted by our balls passing through the net.


Sam W.

Dodgeball training and matches are constantl disrupted by having to pause the game or the training to retrieve any balls. Can be very frustrating

Charlotte B.

Think this is a great idea as we are constantly having to retrieve balls from the other side of the curtain which is disruptive for us and other teams

Sean J.

Solid shout ngl. Proper banging idea that should be considered 100%.

John W.

This is needed massively for dodgeball as we are grinding on other societies nerves unintentionally as we train and it is also making training more difficult for us as games are pausing and drills keep getting interrupted. Not to mention the health and safety concerns included, these would be of a massive benefit for all societies.

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