Cages around the fire alarms in the sports centre

Cages around the fire alarms in the sports centre

The Cricket club have been told that we are only to use tennis balls for training when performing drills. Not allowing us to use cork balls (cricket balls) or even skills balls (hard rubber balls) for drills has seriously impacted the range and quality of training we can offer. Putting flip cages over the fire alarms and delicate fitting in the sports centre will overcome these issues.

Thank You.

Submitted by Aled Jones

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Cassie  Coakley, Vice President Activities

Cassie Coakley

Vice President Activities,

This is currently being looked into by ourselves and the sports centre.

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Karan Naik

You can't train for cricket games with a tennis ball. So flip cages around the alarms is a good idea.

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Cassie Coakley

Vice President Activities
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