Sanitary towels to be available in women's bathrooms throughout university

Sanitary towels to be available in women's bathrooms throughout university

In short, there are dispensers in most bars/food places throughout town/the general public. But there aren't any in the library, for example, as well as The Swan. There are definitely some missing in buildings like the MHT and Minerva, and the only sanitary towels they have available in the university shop are not big enough for everyone.

Of course, an easy way to rectify this is for people to not forget to bring them when they need them. But mistakes happen, and sometimes you're left on your own with £2 and no where to find basic essentials.

I just believe that there should be a dispenser in most bathrooms for women.

Submitted by Tiffany Collyer

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Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


Following on from last week's news, sanitary products will be made freely available in women's bathrooms in SU venues. We will strive to see this implemented elsewhere in the university.

Connor Delany, VP Welfare & Community

Connor Delany

VP Welfare & Community,

This is a great Suggestion. I would also like to reinforce there fact that sanitary products are now available at the university shop at cost (sold without added tax to the consumer). This was a manifesto point by the VP Welfare and Community and continues to be a work in progress with the hope of sanitary products being available free from the Advice Centre and SU toilets. It must also be noted that this SUggestion, should it be voted through, might be difficult to implement. Primarily because of the logistical and financial nature of outfitting all existing female bathrooms with dispensers and/or free sanitary products.

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Tiffany Collyer

Sanitary products are available at the uni shop, however, I can say from personal experience that the limited variety of products that are there makes it hard to cater to everyone.

Madison Rout

I think free ones should be available in all bathrooms but I know this wouldn't be possible. If students steal toilet paper to use in their own accommodation when they run out then something similar may happen here. Thoughts?

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Grace Corn

Vice President Welfare & Community