Have (at least) 1 free language course per year for students

Have (at least) 1 free language course per year for students

I suggest allowing students to have at least one language short course per year free as they currently cost £203 per course for any participant. Most other unis you can do a language as part of your degree, or they allow you to do free language courses every year outside of university hours. For me personally, I like to learn languages and feel that being formally taught will be more beneficial, but the price is putting me off. Learning a language looks good to employers and can also help you if you choose to study abroad, which also looks good to employers. Being a university with many international students, we should be encouraging more students to have an international outlook.

Submitted by Amelia Cullen

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Jiachen Liu, Vice President International

Jiachen Liu

Vice President International,

The University already provides similar sessions through the Culture Exchange Sessions: The Cultural Exchange Sessions project was created by students, for students. The sessions are free and informal, where all students/staff have the opportunity to experience a new culture and learn a language. It is also a great chance to meet new people and make great friends. No assessment or exams are required. You're welcome whether you already have some experience in the language, or are a beginner - the sessions are for everybody! On offer this year: French Spanish German Italian Chinese (Mandarin) Japanese Romanian (NEW) Polish (NEW) Dutch (NEW) Portuguese (NEW) If you have any questions? Email [email protected] or [email protected]

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Jiachen Liu

Vice President International
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