Safe space for mental health crisis

Safe space for mental health crisis

When a mental health problem escalates, having lots of people around you can make it worse. A safe space would be a room where people who are experiencing a mental health problem can go, either just to chill, talk to someone or just to get away from the crowds.

Submitted by Lyndsey Howard

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Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


This is a provision that is available within the Advice Centre. Students are encouraged to come to the Advice Centre where someone will be there to listen to their issues and/or use as a space when in crisis.

Connor Delany, Vice President Welfare & Community

Connor Delany

Vice President Welfare & Community,

This is a great SUggestion. It has been fast-tracked on the provision that this can be implemented and promoted through the Students' Union Advice Centre. The advice centre is a place that can accommodate this and service required e.g. someone to talk to or just to get away from the crowds

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