Freshers Night Guardians

Freshers Night Guardians

During freshers week it's always nice to see the SU helpers during the day helping people find where they need to go and what rooms are which! But at night people are left to themselves, I think there should be a team of people that can help make sure people know where to go and which is the safest route! Also to help with people in distress or if people need help as many a time I've seen people sat alone or upset because they are lost around campus trying to get home!

Submitted by William Hughes

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Luke Thompson

You may not know it but, Lincoln Business Improvement Group run a CCTV and radio system. Dealing with trouble in whatever form. Having used this at work, most of the door supervisors and venues in Lincoln are connected and can get the help of street pastors if they are available, who provide the service you refer too. This info may help you get started as well as help volunteers who get involved!

Scott Bonner

I think Luke makes a good point in terms of safety and distress, but also misses the point slightly. I think what William is asking for is SU volunteers on and around campus to help direct students to official students union events as well as tell them how to get to certain places/venue/events from where they are. William seems to make a street that people are getting lost during freshers.

Rebekah Self

I like the idea and I know that older collegiate universities have second and third year 'guardians'. Those students that act as mentors, supporting students on nights out and can be very useful for people who haven't socialised in the way that university night life promotes.
My concern would be having enough volunteers to make it worthwhile