Better Registration System - less queues to sign registers and less paper waste

Better Registration System - less queues to sign registers and less paper waste

I want to see this idea to improve the registration system in lectures implemented because when students come in after the paper registers have been distributed, there is a huge amount of people crowding around the front of a lecture theatre to be able to sign the register at the end. Also, some lecturers print off up to 4 different copies of a register to be able to cope with the size and this is a waste of paper because the result is the same. To solve this, lecturers could either sign-post one paper register (for instance on a hanging clipboard) at the front of the lecture theatres, and people can sign in as they come in or out. Another solution is to simply employ scanners in all big lecture theatres and to use our pre-existing student cards to sign in to lectures, while still using paper registers for seminars and workshops of smaller sizes, keeping the cost relatively low. The benefit this idea will have on the student body will be a more manageable system with less waste.

Submitted by Milly Webster

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Daniel Allen

I spoke to one of my lecturers about this a while ago. Turns out the uni doesn't have a choice when it comes to alternate methods of signing in (aka your scanner suggestion). Apparently they're doing it how the government tells them to. However, i do agree that lecturers should use 1 register, rather than 3-4.

Rebecca Marrows

When attending Sports and Society Hubs, and other SU run meetings, they use a scanner to register all attendees. Therefore i don't see why the university can't implement something similar