Free To Use 'Umbrella Drop-Off Points' VOTE UP NOW :)

Free To Use 'Umbrella Drop-Off Points' VOTE UP NOW :)

I want to see this idea of umbrella drop-off points to be implemented :)
- There is nothing worse than being caught in the rain especially when you have precious items e.g. uni notes/folders, devices, bags etc. that could be damaged in the rain
- There should be 'stations' across campus that hold free-to-use umbrellas.
- These could be donated umbrellas or ones with the university logo printed on (so you know if someone tries to steal one).
- This way, as you leave a building, you can grab an umbrella from the 'Umbrella Pot/Stand' (call it what you like) and then drop it off into the 'Umbrella Pot/Stand' outside the building you are going into.
- The movement of umbrellas should mean that all buildings have a tidy amount outside them AND this way, those who didn't anticipate rain can still keep dry!
- I would also suggest these be full-sized brollies as they can handle Lincoln wind (and durable) in ways retractable ones can only dream of;)

Thank you for considering my idea! :P

Submitted by Jacqueline Jones

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