Loyalty Cards for The Swan and Tower Bar.

Loyalty Cards for The Swan and Tower Bar.

This idea involves there being some sort of loyalty card system so that when one purchases a drink and/or food at The Swan or Tower Bar, the total money spent is noted and once the same person purchases say £30 or £50 worth of food and or drinks then they receive £1 off/a percentage off their next purchase/can claim a free drink worth £3.50 or less, for example. An idea such as this would without a doubt become popular with some, and attract additional customers to said establishments, thus increasing the Student Union's revenue from these places. Countless shops, retailers, institutions and businesses have existing loyalty card schemes similar to the nature of this SUggestion, proving that this idea would become successful and beneficial. Such a scheme is designed to increase loyalty and customer returning rates as a loyalty card may discourage a potential customer from seeking what they desire from other pubs/bars/restaurants in the area which compete with you for business.
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Submitted by Joseph Hackett

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Kudzai ‘Muzangaza, President

Kudzai ‘Muzangaza


We have now ensured that students will get a 10% discount on food in all SU venues by presenting their student card. This will hopefully ensure that students are always getting the best deals in their SU.

Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


The SU venues will always try and give the best value for money for our students. The idea of a Loyalty Card scheme for The Swan and Tower Bar is something that we can definitely work on, however the premise on which this can be implemented might mean that the cost of providing incentives under a scheme would mean that the prices of certain products might increase to be able to accommodate this. This will be explored and updates will follow.

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Joseph Hackett

Great idea.

Sean Ralphs

Yes plz

Hannah Barr

I am so down for this.

Peter Cable

Got my support

Nicholas Preston

Fab idea - make sure to hit the up arrow to vote!

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