Increased Security Services at Engine Shed events

Increased Security Services at Engine Shed events

Dear all,
I am writing this SUggestion in light of several events I’ve seen on social media, myself and through friends. Bottle throwing incidents are becoming an increasing thing at Propaganda/Quack as we all know. And from my understanding, some of the people reprimanded for these altercations are not actually the people in question. Without a second (reliable) opinion, there is no way to pinpoint who the person may have been, unless security see it with their own eyes. Therefore, I am making a call for cameras to be installed in the engine shed, positioned in several places in order to cover the largest area possible. This would ensure that the correct people are being punished, as there are many people who have been suspended from the SU without actually partaking.

Also, I call for an improvement of security services to these events. Generally, they are good. However, on one occasion in particular, I have seen a bouncer ignore the fact that a man fell over rather badly a mere two metres away from them, and carried on talking to two ladies in the smoking area.

At the least, I am calling for a revision of how the security team work in the venue. Even better, for security cameras or another similar implement put in place to ensure the fun and safety of all. Thank you.

Submitted by Amber Parker-Marshall

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