Phone Chargers during nights out

Phone Chargers during nights out

During a night out at either QUACK! or Propaganda if people's phones die it can be both stressful and annoying trying to find that one friend who has gotten lost.

That one friend on a night out who is a liability will become a thing of the past.

I propose that either behind the bar or in designated locations there are charging points that you can get a token for, similar to that of the cloakroom, so you can charge your phone and know exactly which one is yours.

Investment from the SU would be in a few types of common charger and maybe a few extension leads. This would generate more revenue for the SU and allow friends to find each other on a night out so its safer for everyone.

Please up vote this.

Submitted by Bartholomew Hill

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Caleb Harris

This is a good idea for people, as I have had a similar situation myself. Obviously a system would have to be in place to make sure the devices don't get stolen or damaged. I know in airports and other public places, they have machines which have doors that lock the phone inside with the charger, and stop after a certain period. Might be something to look into!

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