Team Shelters on the Astroturf

Team Shelters on the Astroturf

Team shelters on the astroturf would help all those who train and play games on the pitch. When playing there is nowhere currently to store bags or sit down when off the field. This is especially noticeable when in harsher weather conditions such as in the rain or wind.
It would improve students sporting experience as well as increase the professionalism when other universities play there.

Submitted by Shane Barr

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Cassie  Coakley, Vice President Activities

Cassie Coakley

Vice President Activities,

We are currently working with the University to have these in the next few months. We are looking to see which designs and models would be the best.

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Marcus Todd

This would be so good, I'm always on the bench and there's no where to keep dry

Bryony Curtis

This is a great idea! Would be useful as bags etc shouldn't be left in changing rooms so they have to be taken to the pitch, where they can obviously get wet, damaged etc. without shelters.

Brittany Esterhuizen

This would be really great to have at the astro especially when the weather isn’t great as our bags and clothes get soaked as there is nowhere to put them. This would also be good to show other universities our professionalism, setting a strong example on their arrival before we even start playing.

Madeleine Inskipp

This would be great!! It will benefit so many sports during winter training times but also during matches where teams have to drag out all their kit to the astro, it helps keep them safe and dry, especially for away teams where they generally have many more belongings with them. It would also make our facilities look a lot better for visiting Universities.

Rhys Jones

We really do need them. Especially when it starts to rain and the harsh wind conditions. Most astros at all other Universitys have them so why should we not? Every other hockey pitch in lincoln has them aswell.

Grace Dunham

This would be a really great addition to the Astro! It will not only benefit the sports clubs that use it but external users aswell, which will help improve public perception of the university

Charlie Suraci Neve

This is a great idea! We would benefit greatly from these as that way our kit and clothes can stay dry for rainy matches and training sessions.

Sophie Buller

This is a great idea as will benefit all sporting societies with training and games. Along with those who use it for recreational use to keep their belonging. As well for those who ate student on one of the sports course who use and need the Astro for lessons and work that they are completing. Overall though it will also help the uni look good to outsiders who use it.

Hope Leverett

Having team shelters would really benefit sports teams who are playing on the Astro as well as for non uni sports teams that play. It would provide somewhere to keep bags and ourselves dry when it’s raining. It will improve the overall look of the Astro and make it more appealing to use. Overall just a really good idea and would be really helpful.

Oliver Wright

Having these would make a big difference, when visiting other universities it is always surprising if they don't have them, and so it would make our university look a lot more professional to teams visiting us.

Hannah Burrell

Really good idea! This would help loads of teams that use the astro, keeping our kit safe and dry especially in the winter! It would also be really appreciated by teams visiting to play matches and would portray the university and sports facilities in a really good light.

William O'Sullivan

The idea would really beneficial for all the sports teams playing on the Astro for keeping kit and players dry in bad weather.

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