Proposal for Changes to Bye-Law 3

Proposal for Changes to Bye-Law 3

Bye-Laws and are altered to say 'Any report receiving a net vote of minus one (-1) vote or fewer as at 17:00 on the day falling 7 (seven) days from publication, shall be disapproved'.

Bye-Laws and, shall be removed and replaced with 'All votes and comments shall be anonymous regardless of voting outcome. If and only if the Volunteer or Sabbatical Officer who submitted the report has reasonable belief that a comment is discriminatory or vexatious they may appeal to the Executive who will decide if the comment breaches the Student Code of Conduct and Student Union Zero Tolerance Policy. If the comment is found to be in breach of these then the comment shall be removed and student who made the comment will be informed of this decision.'

Bye-Laws and shall be removed as they are rendered obsolete by the above amendments to and

Submitted by Michael Daniell

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Sammi Storey, President

Sammi Storey


The reason this SUggestion was rejected is that unfortunately you cannot use SUggestions to make changes to the Bye-Laws, that is why it is not plausible. What needs to happen with bye-laws changes is that the person needs to come and see Jennifer Barnes ( The Student Voice and Impact Manager) or James (the CEO) and we will look at tracking the change into the bye-laws, which will then be voted on in the final ASM of the year (April). Best wishes,

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