Decorate the Outside Campus for the Festive Season

Decorate the Outside Campus for the Festive Season

The outdoor area around the university when compared to the rest of the city is lacking greatly. The festive season is an important time for one and all thus the University and the Student Union should endeavour to brighten up the campus outside and not just within.

Cooperation between the Student Union and the University should be paramount especially in regards to safety; this should include fire safety, respect for walking space and vehicles where it applies and respect for all faiths in the festive season to avoid a focus on one or a misunderstood representation of others.

While Minerva Building will be the focus, efforts should be made to bring the festive holiday spirit to the whole campus regardless of popularity, location and value.

As a side note the Student Union should aim to be more festive spirited at this time of year not just within quack but adopt a festival stance towards the season with competitions, society stalls and games and general festive activities.

Submitted by James Heap

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