Implement a Safe Taxi Scheme

Implement a Safe Taxi Scheme

I want to see the idea to work with local taxi companies to put in place a safe taxi scheme similar to that of other universities, where students that are too intoxicated and/or without money can get home safely and pay their fare through the university on the next day by handing over a card of some description to the taxi driver implemented because it will help ensure that students can get home safely, especially the ones that live further away from the centre.

The benefit this idea will have on the student body will be that students will feel even more safe on nights out, knowing that in an unpredicted event, they will still be able to get home safely.

Submitted by Cameron Wragg

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Michael Earle

After being in a situation that was difficult for one my friends to get home when she was too drunk(possibly spiked). After having a taxi driver refuse to take her this service would have been vital in that situation.