University owned grass pitches

University owned grass pitches

I want to see this idea to obtain university owned grass and all weather pitches implemented because. The cost of using nettleham for rugby outweighs the benefits and we constany find training or matches cancelled due to Libcoln Rugby club preserving the pitches. An all weather pitch would also enable rugby and football to share a space which could easily be adapted for other sports also. The benefit this idea will have on the student body will be to save money on wasted bus journeys, decrease costs of joining a sports society in the long run and encourage more participants

Submitted by Jonathan Day

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Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


Space provision around campus has been and remains a key issue for students and this is rightfully understandable. Having had conversations with key individuals within the university, this particular SUggestion is one that would be difficult to achieve in the short-term. We will continue exploring how we can bring this SUggestion to life, however in the meantime - it will be placed on hold as a future SUggestion to explore

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James Thorpe

It would be brilliant if we could obtain grass pitches

Jordan Mason

Just by a quick google search and a view at google maps it looks like a grass/3G pitch would fit behind the 3G 5-a-side pitches, close to Pavilions. It would be fantastic if there was a decent place to play football near to campus, the nearest place is West Common which is awful.

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Cassie Coakley

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