Stop drama students 'performing' in the library

Stop drama students 'performing' in the library

The library is a place for study and concentration, so for it to be disturbed by students dancing about, running between bookshelves, and jumping up and down, is far from appropriate.

Overall, it distracts from our study, and whilst I know drama students should have the chance to practice in public, it should not be at the detriment of other students.

Submitted by Alex Slater

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Tommy George, Vice President Education

Tommy George

Vice President Education,

I have contacted the Head of School in this area, who will relay this information to staff members within the school to find a solution for all students.

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William Fisher

Couldn't agree more!!!

Harrison Paton

Would love to be able to concentrate without them running around tbh

Joshua Baldwin

I think it's imortant to know that drama students are allocated where our 'site' is. If a group is given the library, it would be wrong of them to "tone" their 'performance' down, risking their grade because a certain few people have misunderstood the concept of art

Michael Parr

They shouldn't be allocated a study area in the first place when there are so many buildings and areas they could use instead

Joshua Baldwin

You could have easily chosen to ignore these performances, instead a few people decided to make a big 'song and dance' about it...who's the performer now?
It sounds harsh, but at the end of the day to direct your statement at drama students is quite uncalled for and will merely make your valid opinion, of which would be wrong of me to shout down, disheartening for drama students to read

Jackie-Jean Fleetham

This module has been scrapped now anyway after the changes made to the course so this won't be an issue now.

Thomas Lock

Joshua, why do you believe that the results of drama students are more important than the results of every other student who chooses to study in the library?

I'm not saying either is more important than the other, but your comments are quite narrow minded.

Courtney Rhodes

totally understand the need for performance space for drama students but its incredibly unfair to have a degree disrupt so many others

Joshua Baldwin

Thomas that's the opposite of what i'm stating and yes it would be extremly narrow minded of me to think that. I'm merely saying that all modules are just as important as eachother, therefore the drama students using it as a learning (because that is what they are doing) environmemt is just as important as everyone else going in there to use it as a learning environment

Olivia Jones

While we all appreciate that students are working on their own degrees in the library, that is exactly what the drama students ‘dancing around’ are doing. Nothing done in that space is done lightly they have to justify everything they do in 2000 words so this whole presumptuous attitude that they’re just messing around is kind of rude if I’m being perfectly honest.

Taylor Luke

If there was a group of students in the library being loud or distracting, albeit a part of their coursework, they’d be told to leave and respect the study place regardless of what course it’s for. There’s a time and a place for all subjects. All library users should keep quiet and be respectful of other users. Maybe this is more an issue of alternative study space required.

Lauren Jepson

I think it is ridiculous that the library can be used as any type of performance venue for any course. Saw some people hiding under tables with alarm clocks a few weeks ago and thought it was ridiculous. I think it should be stretched to being a ban on disruptive behaviour in the library including any form of performance, silent or otherwise

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