Sort out the sanitary bins in the Library

Sort out the sanitary bins in the Library

Since using the library facilities on a more regular basis, I've noticed that most of the toilets I've used have had overflowing bins showing that there is either lack of cleaning the bins or the bins aren't being emptied enough.
On the first floor both bins have been overflowing for the previous 3 days. On the second floor, the sanitary bin is 'out of order' therefore no facility is supplied here, the date reported on the sign which is signed was the 23rd of April, showing this basic facility has not been available for over a week.
Furthermore, on review of toilet and washroom hygiene checklist within the first floor toilets has been signed all morning (6:00 - 12:00) from two different members of staff but not between 12:00-15:00. This shows a complete disregard for the hygienic disposal of sanitary products in the library as this is still an issue and internal control systems to prevent are ineffective.
There is a duty of care to dispose of this waste not just for users but also employees. It may be that disposal from a licensed carrier isn't taking place enough to meet the supply of the users. However this needs to be adjusted as potential illness which isn't wanted by any student especially at this time of year!
Please support.

Submitted by Paige Robson

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