Clean up schemes

Clean up schemes

I want to see more clean up schemes. As a city known for university students and clubbing nights, the uni should have some responsibility in cleaning up the mess from nights out. The amount of waste that is dumped in the Brayford on nights out is disgusting and ridiculous that people get away with it. Not only is it setting a bad example for the uni and its students but we are also damaging the planet. Since university costs are at an all time high, I believe some money should be put to regular clean up schemes of at least the Brayford, but possibly around town too. On overheard at Lincoln, a popular Facebook page for uni students, someone even posted a picture of a dead swan from the waste in the Brayford. Lincoln is well known for swans, once again setting a bad example. This idea for clean up schemes will be incredibly beneficial to everyone as It will show that the uni care about the students and the environment, it will show that we are a respectful uni and it will also show that we own up and take responsibility for the negative aspects of uni life such as drunken nights. This will make an impression on not just the students and possible future students/parents thinking of Lincoln University but it will also show the rest of Lincoln community that we care.

Submitted by Chloe Woodgate

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