The recent loss of the Park and Stride Car Park (Robin Hood Parking on Tritton Road) and the forthcoming loss of private parking on Beevor Street (near to the Think Tank) has meant the loss of affordable car parking for students who commute. Moreover, the cost of nearby municipal car parking has risen to £8 per day, which is causing severe financial hardship for students. Please can the University work with the Council and/or private providers to provide affordable parking, to address this issue. One suggestion would be a student concession scheme for nearby municipal car parks (eg the new car park on the old bus station site). If parking was provided at £3 - £4 per day for students [similar to the concession for blue badge holders] then the car park would be full and actually raise more revenue for the council. It would be easy to administer, because students could display a photograph of their student card on their dashboards, similar to blue badge holders displaying their blue badge. This would benefit the whole student body by providing affordable (and safe) parking for students. It would also particularly help mature students (who are more likely to commute due to family/carer responsibilities), and nursing students (who are more likely to commute because they need to travel to placements).

Submitted by Jennifer Jacklin

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