Water fountains on every floor of the Minerva Building and Library

Water fountains on every floor of the Minerva Building and Library

Currently, water fountains can only be found on the ground floor of most buildings on campus (most notably the Minerva Building and Library). This is not only annoying for those working on higher levels, but also inconsiderate of those with physical disabilities, as they too have to make the journey all the way down to the ground floor and back again just to refill their water bottles. Please can we get water fountains on every floor!

Submitted by Grace Corn

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Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


We can confirm that coming in the New Year, four water dispensers will be installed in the Library, with one on every floor. The case of the Minerva building is yet to be established and considerations made in the future.

Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


The Dean of Student Learning Development and University Librarian has met with engineers from the Estates department to begin implementing this SUggestion

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Alexandra Bentley

This is such a great idea!

Isaac Jackson

A fantastic idea! One which will be espically useful during the summer.

Harry Marshall

V good idea, would help my hydration problems in the summer

Beth Ennis

Think this would be really useful - especially in the library!

Ashley Williamson

I don't believe this to be such a crisis as presented here. The vast majority of students will not be staying on Campus from 9-5, certainly not in the same spot ( outside of peak assessment times ). I fail to see the justification in spending for this, simply bring bottles with you and fill them up, or bring your beverage of choice. There are also plenty of vendors for beverages around.

Heather Sunderland

Fantastic idea

Daniel Sheppard

Or at least provide more than one water fountain in the entire building, though thank you to the library for now providing one that doesn't break all the time.

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Kudzai Muzangaza