Changing the day for Graduation Ball

Changing the day for Graduation Ball

I want to see this idea to change the day of Graduation Ball implemented because many students were unable to attend with it being on a Thursday due to PGCEs, masters preparation and having work the next day. The benefit this idea will have on the student body will be that more students will be able to celebrate the end of their university experience and will encourage more people to come.

Submitted by Laura Taylor

Student Leader Feedback

Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


Every year there has been discussion around the timing of the Graduation ball. For context, it has always been difficult to find an appropriate date for Graduation as with any date during that week there will be students and individuals who will be disproportionally disadvantaged by the date. Having the current day of the the Thursday of graduation week has worked quite well, meaning the previous Graduation Ball was the most successful one yet. There is no main reason why this SUggestion cannot be approved, however should it go past the threshold of votes, it must be noted it will be relatively difficult one to ensure all students are happy.

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Laura Taylor

The date should be changed to a Friday :)

Lucy Samuel

I completely agree! By my Graduation Ball, I expect to be in London studying 5 days a week or working full time therefore having Grad Ball on a week day would stop me coming.

Having grad ball on a Friday would mean a lot more people would be able to come and celebrate