Dissertation Hand in support for international students

Dissertation Hand in support for international students

As an international master student, during summer time, our accommodation finishes in August,majority of us will go back to our home country and use Skype to have meetings with our tutors. However we need to hand in a hard copy of our dissertation in September time. It will be very expensive for us to fly back to the UK and hand in a hard copy, it also will be very hard to find a friend that you trust to print out your dissertation and hand in for you. So is it possible for the library or the university to do a printing and hand in support for us during September time, I believe it will be really helpful for us.

Submitted by Shuai Zhen

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Ricarda Krieger

One way around this might be to encourage your school/college to switch from printed dissertations to online via turnitin submissions only, which would also be more environmentally friendly. The Lincoln International Business School is doing this already and it works great for home and international students. Maybe this could be something to suggest to your school rep or college officer.