Paperless Registers!

Paperless Registers!

I think would be a good idea to scan our student cards as we enter a lecture to sign in, instead of using paper registers. This would be a much more efficient way of reflecting attendance for both staff and students. I think this would be beneficial for the larger lecture theatres rather than seminar groups.

I appreciate some classes are larger than others so there might be issues with waiting in line to scan cards. But as we have to scan in to enter the library, even with a large class this should not take too long to carryout before a lecture.

Personally, I have had 2 circumstances where I know I have attended a lecture and signed the register, but my attendance has showed up stating I have missed a lecture. You then have no evidence to say you did attend the lecture and this effects your attendance rate for the entire academic year. I am not the only one who has had this happen either!

To get a more accurate reflection of attendance rates and save time for staff collecting registers, I think it would be a good idea to implement scanners to sign in to lectures.

Submitted by Alice Gains

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