computer hygiene

computer hygiene

I want to see the idea of having the computers in the library regularly cleaned implemented because the key boards and the backs of the screens on the more used buttons are so dirty just from touching them. The benefits this idea will have on the student body will be that it will stop the spreading of germs and might be a significant cause of "freshers" flu. Cleaning the computers will allow a hygienic working area.

Submitted by Thaianda Atkin

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Olivia Applewhite

I think this is a great idea. There are so many computer keyboards in the library especially that have all kinds of dirt on them. It is very off-putting.

Katie Henderson

I agree, I think the old ‘chunky’ keyboard should be replaced with flat ones like some of the pcs have on second floor; they are easier to clean.

Ali Sakanak

I have also realised poor cleanliness with computer hardware in the library. However, even if there are cleaners working throughout the day, there is only so much they can do considering a large majority of students will consume food and drink while using computers; which is most likely the main (not only) cause. IF there are none, hand sanitiser dispensers could be placed on each floor to help.

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