More Oxford dictionaries to support International students in exams

More Oxford dictionaries to support International students in exams

According to the University exam regulations non-native English speaking students are allowed to take an Oxford dictionary for support in their exams. Unfortunately, the most of the library's Oxford dictionaries are for reference only. Therefore, international students are stuck with having to buy Oxford dictionaries at extra costs even though they might own one by other publishers already and loads of dictionaries by other publishers are available in the library. I would like to see either all university/library owned dictionaries to be accepted in exams or more copies of Oxford dictionaries available in the library to take away for exam purposes (1-2 week loan only).

Submitted by Ricarda Krieger

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Sophia Liu, Vice President International

Sophia Liu

Vice President International,

After having meetings with the Library and student affairs team, this year the University will be trailing the provision of translation dictionaries for examinations, initially in 3 languages, Chinese Mandarin, Vietnamese and Arabic. There will be dictionaries made available to students in the exam room to borrow during the exams.

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Oliver Cocks

What a fantastic idea!

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Sophia Liu

Vice President International