3rd year only grad ball

3rd year only grad ball

A grad ball but only for third years. As a third year, graduation is something that every student looks forward to, along with that it would be nice to have an end of year graduation ball to say goodbyes before the graduation in September. I think tickets for the grad ball should be available to third years first and if they all get sold then that's it but if not open the remainder up to other years after a week or so. It will make the grad ball more special for third years.

Submitted by Jessica Sanderson

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Verity Harris

I was under the impression that there was a grad ball for third years; they had the end of year blowout and then grad ball in the graduation week this year, after students last year complained about their ball replaced by the end of year blowout? I don't see why the SU can't repeat this again

Daniel Sheppard

But a lot of third year students still have friends in first and second year that they'd like to attend...