Water Fountain in David Chiddick Building

Water Fountain in David Chiddick Building

I want to see this idea to have a water fountain in DCB implemented because the closest water fountain is the library or Minerva building which is far away. The benefit this idea will have on the student body will be a student in the David chiddick can feel hydrated at all times without having to go far to refill their bottles.

Submitted by Bhavesh Bhagwanji

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Grace Corn, Vice President Welfare & Community

Grace Corn

Vice President Welfare & Community,

I have spoken to the University's Estates team about this issue. Currently there are no plans for the Maintenance team to put in water fountains in DCB, however they are going to look at this for the summer - budget permitting.

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Lucie Wilson

Would be really helpful to have a water fountain in the building would help students to stay in to study rather than having to go out and leave to fill up their bottle.

Aleksander Schulz

I think it would also take some pressure off of the QUAD shop staff in DCB because a lot of students ask to use the shop's sink to fill their bottles, which in turn causes queues and discourages more students from buying from the shop. This also results in a decrease in sales. Fountains are available in almost all other buildings I believe so it would be good to see all buildings to have them

Emma Moorhouse

More places, in general, to fill up water bottles labeled as drinking water would really help. Especially since the uni is trying to be more eco-friendly as of late.

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Grace Corn

Vice President Welfare & Community