Opening Up the Side of the Library Facing the Junction

Opening Up the Side of the Library Facing the Junction

I believe by opening up this section of the library, by this I mean putting benches, heaters, some sort of rain protection but still having the feeling of being outdoors. This change would allow students to have another area to study, chill or to simply hang out. This area of campus is untouched, lets further open up the university. By opening up this side of the library, there would be increased business for the café next to the library which generally goes unnoticed to the majority of students, taking money from multi national corporations such as Starbucks and Costa and putting it back into our University. Additionally, this also will bring a positive impact on the student body, by creating a more attractive environment to study in, the library could be made more enticing for students to work in, which would see an increase in studies. This would allow students to feel even closer to the university knowing that there are multiple places they can hang out comfortably. By offering this to students, it expresses how the university cares about student satisfaction.

Submitted by Oliver Nada-Kantounas

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