we ask that the Union place pressure on the University for a new purpose built Prayer Space/Multi-Faith Center

we ask that the Union place pressure on the University for a new purpose built Prayer Space/Multi-Faith Center

As Lincoln grows, and it's demographics broaden, it is becoming more and more apparent that students of different faith groups are in more and more need of dedicated spaces to practice their faiths more easily, and while we currently have Witham house, the lack of space within the building means an increase of congestion, add to the fact that the building is itself temporary and may not be fit for use over the coming years.

Speaking on behalf of the Muslim student body, not only are we required to pray 5 times a day, but we also have our Friday congregational prayers that require an incredibly large space for the attendees which frankly speaking, Witham House cannot provide. This has left us having to book lecture rooms in buildings such as Bridgehouse and Junxion which have their own logistical issues with them, primarily that they are first and foremost class rooms, which means the University can and have on a number of occasions, abrogated our bookings on a number of weeks and left us without a suitable space on campus where we can hold our prayers, in addition, the attendees are left having to re arrange chairs and desks most weeks so that the spaces can actually be used, which eats into the time we have the rooms booked for. These are just a few of the issues that students and staff alike face, and having a large, dedicated prayer facility could very easily solve these dilemmas.

We are not the only faith group that would benefit from such a development, and investing in such facilities would overall be of great benefit to the student (and even staff) experience here at Lincoln, which is why i propose that the Students Union take this into consideration, and put pressure on the University for a new, larger, dedicated Prayer space/ Multi-Faith center, that considers the requirements of the different faith demographics here in Lincoln.

Submitted by Ibraheem Ali

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Daniah Mazel

Definitely agree with what Ibraheem posted. Having a dedicated prayer room is necessary and will definitely be popular. Especially to those who are practising (regardless which religion they follow).