Module feedback evaluations should be after exams

Module feedback evaluations should be after exams

Module feedback evaluations are always done during the module before the exams have been taken. Sometimes views towards the module change after the exam, or people want to give feedback about the exam. This currently is unable to happen as the evaluations have already been done, so I think the evaluations should be moved until after the module has been fully completed, enabling students to give accurate feedback about the module as a whole.

Submitted by Annie Gauge

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Eliska Spalkova

Great idea. It would make more sense to have the module evaluations after we have finished with the module as that would provide the most accurate feedback.

Rhys Davies

Some modules are only 15 point and end in December, and change can happen during the year! It's vital that module evaluations continue the way they are, so that teaching staff can make the small changes that matter. There are two during the year, one in December and one after modules end, and they only take 5 minutes to complete! The

Georgia Mattison

This needs to happen. Feedback should be able to be given after deadline submissions for modules in order to provide well rounded feedback about modules. Little changes that need to happen during the year can still be addressed through the rep system.

Caleb Harris

I completely agree with this, and with some of the other suggestions made about module feedback forms opened AFTER the deadline dates. Otherwise, it makes the rating of the suitability of the assessment for the module totally irrelevant. Sometimes the feedback forms have opened at least three weeks before the end of the module, which is just not acceptable.

Harriet Gruender

And after we get our feedback too - especially practical modules often we don't know how we feel about the whole module until we've been marked as more comes out in the feedback about development etc.

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