Lecture/seminar registration by swipe card (Not by the use of paper)

Lecture/seminar registration by swipe card (Not by the use of paper)

Passing the paper registers has been an ongoing problem, many times the registers is not being passed to all students, make them being late for next lectures or seminars, also that will avoid the use of paper. This system is used by other universities like Anglian Ruskin university. In case of forgetting the card on the day, a machine like the one at the library that provides a card for the whole day could be useful. Also will avoid the use of fake signatures from students that are not in the lectures by their peers and keep an automatic track of registration and attendance.

Submitted by Beatriz De Arcos Marin

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Ashley Williamson

This has been raised time and time again, year upon year. The University will not implement them, signatures are required; electronic registration is not sufficient proof of engagement. You state "avoid the use of fake signatures", yet it will enable even easier modes of faking. Simply give your electronic card to a friend, and they swipe; it's actually harder to fake a signature.

Lauren Jepson

My friends from school go to all different universities and not one of them has attendance taken in lectures. The paper registers are annoying and digital sign in with the barcode already on our cards would be so much easier. I know lots of academic staff also think this should happen.

Daniel Sheppard

Brilliant idea. The amount of times there's a queue at the end of a lecture is ridiculous, especially when there's another lecture that follows in the room.