Bottle Banks near the accommodation

Bottle Banks near the accommodation

Place bottle banks closer to the student accommodation. Considering we are students it would encourage us to recylce bottles properly. Personally I don't know if bottles can go in mixed recycling or general waste. Bottle banks would help solve this issue.

Submitted by Emma Calvert

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Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


We have checked with the University's estates team and have been informed that bottle banks currently exist in the Courts student accommodation. We will ensure that this is better promoted to all students. Whilst it would be more ideal to ensure that every accommodation does have bottle bins, the majority will accept recycling of bottles within the general recycling bins. There are bespoke bottle bins in Courts, which are open to all students to use.

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Christina Mckay

This is a great suggestion.

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Grace Corn

Vice President Welfare & Community
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