“The Barge” Coffee Shop

“The Barge” Coffee Shop

I want to see this idea to “The Barge” Coffee Shop implemented because the current plan for the barge is to have it as a high end cocktail bar but the SU already has a bar and pub so we do not need to make another area for people to go and drink. The benefit this idea will have on the student body will be; people who cannot/choose not to drink or do not feel comfortable going to a club or pub for whatever reason will have a place to go to relax and socialise without the pressure or stress of being around alcohol or massive crowds, it will give post graduate/mature students a place to go where they may feel more comfortable than being in the swan or tower bar and it is something different which will attract attention all year round and give those who love coffee but cannot afford costa or starbucks a place to go, relax and get some work done.

Submitted by Bethany Williams

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