Accessibility for all students to have access to Media loans and other university services.

Accessibility for all students to have access to Media loans and other university services.

I feel that all students should have access to the facilities that the university has invested into such as the media loans service.
The average population change careers about 12 times in their lifetime. Through this I feel that the university should do what is feasible to support students in areas outside of their specific course as well. Speaking to older students this facility used to be accessible to anyone as long as they were a university student.
This could provide amazing opportunities for individuals to discover and further a passion or potential career path in or out of line with their current course. Ultimately many students are held back from their own potential within media production areas due to extremely high prices for specialist, good quality equipment.

This change could be the opportunity for many students to experience something new from what they are used too and help draw on and encourage their passions that may be limited due to financial or other constraints helping students to become a more dynamic individual.

Submitted by Harvey Catchpole

3 Comment(s)

Adam Mccarthy

Not sure if its entirely feasible or not, but a great idea and im onboard

Casper Reeds

There isn't enough equipment for the media students them selves to make the projects required for there course, let alone the entire uni having access. Maybe there should be an individual store for the entire university to have access to media equipment?

Ellia Townsend

Don't agree with this due to the existing high number of students doing media course (from media production, audio production, photography, film & TV and more). We can't take equipment out without health&safety being filled out, we can't take it out unless it's for a univeristy assignment (not allowed for casual,leisure basis due to things such as insurance). We are also trained in equipment too.

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