Turning lights off

Turning lights off

In the library and other buildings across campus there are lights left on through the night which serve no purpose. Namely the coloured lights on the stairs in the library. All these lights are a waste of energy, the university should be helping to save the planet and preserve energy so that lights are only on when necessary.

Submitted by Michael Barton

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Joseph P.

It would also be great if checks could be made for study spaces open at night time for computer screens left on. I have seen entire rooms of PC screens left on when leaving the library late at night before. Small notices/signs reminding users to turn off screens after they're done using them could help too, if this doesn't already exist.

Thomas L.

It'd be entirely possible to make the PCs autoturn off the displays when not being used for X amount of time, so that'd work well too! ^^

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