Tea/Coffee making facilities in the Uni Library

Tea/Coffee making facilities in the Uni Library

The tea/coffee machine is always broken, and it is frankly overpriced. Providing students with boiling water will cost the SU next to nothing and this type of facility would be loved and welcomed to all students. I would much rather make my own cup of tea, my way, than having a machine make it.

Submitted by Kane Tracey

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Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


We have consistently been feeding this back to the University, not only for provision in the library but in other spaces on campus. The difficulty with this is space and logistics. Currently the library is wanting of more space and the provision of this SUggestion would be more akin with a kitchenette type facility being implemented. This would be extremely difficult to introduce. We will continue to have conversations around the appropriate maintenance of the hot drinks machines and also include conversations around potentially introducing stations where students can make their own hot drink/food.

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