More vegan and vegetarian options available in the cafeterias

More vegan and vegetarian options available in the cafeterias

I want to see this idea to include more vegan and vegetarian options in the uni cafeterias implemented because many students and staff members who follow these diets are often left with few to no options for buying food. Sometimes the suitable options available is limited to one cereal bar/flapjack that is accidentally vegan friendly. This can be an issue as if student or staff members don't have time to make food in the morning, or if they don't have the ability to bring a pack lunch with them, they often can't be certain that they will be able to buy food on campus that day. The benefit this idea will have on the student body will be everybody having greater access to food that is suitable for their diets and reduced stress about finding something suitable to eat. If students and staff have access to a variety of food options they will be happier and focus better on their work.

Submitted by Sarah Smith

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Jadziah Cox

Also gluten free options, it’s not just vegetarian and vegan. It’s important to provide for all dietary restrictions and requirements not just vegan and vegetarian.