Self-Defence Classes

Self-Defence Classes

I have just found out that The University of Manchester Students Union hold self-defence classes, I believe its a one-off event, for a period of six weeks. They are extremely popular and I think Lincoln should hold them too. It's always good for everyone to learn basic skills that we can use for the rest of our lives - we get taught first aid, so why not self-defence. It would also be a good way to meet new people too.

Submitted by Lisa Jacobs

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Casey Blagg

Hi Lisa,

Just so that you are aware we are holding a martial arts session free of charge on February 9th in the engine shed. follow the link below to find out more information:

Ashley Williamson

I'm not quite sure why this is a SUggestion. Get a group of students who are interested, start a society. Or, look for many of the self-defence classes and clubs which exist in Lincoln and join them external to the University. I fail to see why this must be through the University or the SU. If they are popular, you'll have no issues making a society.