Microwaves On Campus.

Microwaves On Campus.

The SU should provide, or lobby the University, to provide a number of Microwaves on campus.

Currently, students' options are limited to cold food they bring from home or food provided by either the SU or Quad (The University Catering). Many students are concerned about money and preparing food at home is a good way of cutting down costs. Hot meals can be healthier as well as morale boosting, which is often necessary several hours into an assignment. Several other Universities/Students' Unions provide Microwaves for similar reasons.

Having access to a hot meal is even more vital given several learning spaces on campus are open 24/7. We should be able to ensure students are able to take care themselves at all hours of the day, not just when Catering services are available.

Areas that would benefit the most from a microwave include; the Atrium, Ground Floor/Foyer of the Library, Tower Bars/The Swan.

Submitted by Joshua Charles

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Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


This has been given as feedback to the university and is something that is to be factored into the next wave of renovations in university buildings. The priority at this moment in time is Art, Architecture and Design building (Nicola de la Haye & Peter de Wint buildings), with David Chiddick and the Stephen Langton building amongst ones hoping to undergo works

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Anne Karlen

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Bradley Allsop

Fantastic idea- lots of other uni's have this, and would really happy students that aren't well off eat affordably on campus!

Mark Pastuszka

As someone who's taken to doing packed lunches as a healthier and cheaper choice, the ability to reheat meals on campus would be particularly welcomed. Would also like to suggest a microwave is incorporated somewhere within the new Isaac Newton building and potentially also within Sarah Swift.

Bethany Denley-Currie

Sounds like a great idea. Having something on the "other" side of campus is important too - over by the Joseph Banks Labs/Think tank.

Abigail Fayers

Helpful for those on lower incomes to bring in cheaper microwaveable food or heat up food from home, off opportunity 24/7 when other services close.

Ashley Williamson

I know of Microwaves within MHT in Kitchen areas. The issue becomes responsibility, and cleaning. It most certainly will be abused and not respected. I don't really believe the premise behind your proposal. 24/7 Access doesn't mean stay there all the time, students must still responsible for their own wellbeing and needs. I don't see this being reasonable outside of designated department kitchens.

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Kudzai Muzangaza