Power sockets should be fitted in lecture theatres to allow students to charge laptops, tablets, phones, etc.

Power sockets should be fitted in lecture theatres to allow students to charge laptops, tablets, phones, etc.

Some of the students I represent have mentioned that they like to use devices such as laptops within lectures for tasks such as note taking, but often have the issue of a flat battery after previous lectures. Some rooms, particularly smaller rooms such as seminar rooms, do have access to plug sockets under flaps within the floor or on the walls, However in lecture theatres (such as AAD0W25, AAD1W11, SLB0006, Cargill, Co-Op, Jackson, and DCB1101 to name a few) these are not present.

I would like to propose that the SU works with the University to ensure that all current (where possible) and future lecture theatres have power sockets to allow students to use their devices within their lectures in order to make notes, or potentially in the future interact with elements of the lecture (such as quizzes).

Submitted by Mark Pastuszka

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Tommy George, Vice President Academic Affairs

Tommy George

Vice President Academic Affairs,

After meeting with the Estates team, the University has added power sockets into the specification as and when planned refurbishments occur in the University's Lecture theatres. This is where possible, as some lecture theatres will not allow for it, due to the nature of their structure with concrete flooring etc. Alongside this, Estates have agreed to revisit the possibility of retrofitting a single lecture theatre with power sockets over the summer, ready for next academic year.

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Luke Thompson

Seminar rooms have this feature. Other universities i have been to have it too! I cant afford to replace a device or carry around a car battery!
please make this happen

Jemma Thwaytes

This is an amazing idea, computer students tend to have powerful laptops with not fantastic battery life, and after one lecture my laptop is nearly dead, we need this!

Joel Butcher

I'm a second year Comp Sci Student and often find my battery dead (or close to) after a 2 hour lecture, with other lectures/workshops following. I have visited other universities in the last year, I am a little disappointed that an essential part of modern life is missing to allow students to take notes and learn effectively (if they use computers). Power outlets are definitely a needed addition

Caleb Harris

This is such a great idea, and it would certainly make a big difference for students if there was greater accessibility to plugs. Despite admittedly being a fan of old fashioned pen and paper, I know so many students whose only option is to use a laptop because of disability or personal preference so it would be a great improvement for them so hence why I voted for this proposal.

Mitch Durso

Definitely something that we need, I cannot afford a new laptop and a new battery is too much too. I already have a charger there for plugs would make sense. I'm behind this change.

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Tommy George

Vice President Academic Affairs