Install ambidextrous desks across the campus

Install ambidextrous desks across the campus

I know that there has previously been a suggestion on a similar topic that was rejected 2 months ago without any explanation why.
I would like the SU to lobby the university who are currently splashing their cash on numerous constructions across campus to amend the serious flaws in the current buildings. Being left handed, I am completely incapable of writing notes in numerous lecture theatres across the campus. I find it utterly ridiculous that 10% of students are in the exact same situation as me, and no effort is being made to include us.

Submitted by Liam Cochrane

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Connor Delany

I have to say this is a big issue and fully support this Suggestion. It is a nightmare not being able to find a left handed desk especially in the AAD building. I fully support this and as a modern university we should be doing more to adapt the facilities.

Thomas Eason

In the interest of ensuring accessibility to all students, and support for diversity, the SU should fast track this. As someone that is left handed, this is a major irritant and obstacle that is created by the current chairs.

Luke Thompson

This has been a bugbear over 4 years of academic engagement. LOVE LEFTIES and sort this out!