On Campus Computers to have Optional Blue-Light Filters

On Campus Computers to have Optional Blue-Light Filters

Eye-strain is an annoying issue which can often be caused from looking at computer/phone screens for too long. While it is also advised to take frequent breaks while working, a blue-light filter on a computer screen would help to further prevent eye-strain/headaches. Often times, turning down the brightness of a computer screen does very little to effect your eyes. If on-campus computers had the option to switch to having a blue-light filter, students may feel better for it.

Having it as an option is important, as Art and design based subjects may be affected by the filters changing the colours coming off the screen, or because some people may not like the use of the filter. But, for those that are affected by blue light coming off computer screens, a filter would be a great benefit to them.

Submitted by Joshua Charles

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