Increase the frequency and detail that SUggestion's progress is updated

Increase the frequency and detail that SUggestion's progress is updated

The platform provides greater ease for students to put forward what they want but currently at times students are in the dark. Weekly updates would allow students to see that their Student Leaders are actively working towards the goals set. Updates should be more specific, if there is a meeting set up then it should be stated when and who will attend. Meetings should also be followed by minutes being published and attached to the SUggestions in the interest of transparency.

Submitted by Adam Long

Student Leader Feedback

Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


Having taken over from the previous student leader team, I have planned and will continue to ensure that SUggestions are acted upon and that students are kept updated on the progress of the SUggestions. Currently, we are reviewing SUggestions put through over the last six months and ensuring the relevant individuals and resources are dedicated to them. Updates will be given and minutes, where appropriate, will be published to ensure transparency with the suggestions and their progress. In terms of updating students, focus will predominantly be through out social medias, so make sure you're following the student leaders and the SU on those platforms for updates

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