The SU should look into providing mental health first aid accessible for students and lecturers.

The SU should look into providing mental health first aid accessible for students and lecturers.

Mental health is a growing concern for our generation, and university is a stressful time which can trigger and worsen mental health conditions. For students who are experiencing this, and the people around them, this is a hard time. We need to be able to ensure everyone involved are comfortable, whether they are the ones asking for help or giving it.

Offering mental health first aid for lecturers and students would be useful, as this will teach people about mental illness, their symptoms and available support. As well as advising them of how they can help and support them. This should be primarily available for lecturers, as trusted bodies in the university, students are likely to want support from their lecturers. However, it should be on offer for students, as it could be useful for when they have a friend they wish to help, or want to understand what they are experiencing better.
This would benefit students, as they are reassured that people around them can support them.

Submitted by Leanne Clydesdale

Student Leader Feedback

Connor Delany, Vice President Welfare & Community

Connor Delany

Vice President Welfare & Community,

Earlier in the Academic Year a number of you voted on an SUggestion recommending that we have the facility to deliver Mental Health First Aid Training to both students & staff. We looked into the viability of the suggestion and made enquiries on the best way to get a member of staff trained so that they could facilitate training for others. I am pleased to tell you that a place has been secured on a Mental Health Train the Trainer course for a ULSU staff member and they will be commencing their training on the 6th of February. The training takes approximately 2 months to complete with some post course assessments but we hope to be able to roll out Mental Health First Aid training from around April. Please keep a look out for further updates.

Connor Delany, Vice President Welfare & Community

Connor Delany

Vice President Welfare & Community,

There have been a number of discussions relating to this particular SUggestion. SU staff will be trained externally so that they are able to offer Mental Health First Aid training to staff (both SU & University) and students that are interested in undertaking it. Training will be extensive and thorough but it is hoped that it will be available next academic year In addition, a collaborative research project in conjunction with other Students' Unions and in partnership with the University on Mental Health is being undertaken, with the main aims of assessing: - Scope the prevalence and range of Mental Health issues amongst the student population - The impact of mental health issues on students lives both personal and academic - What support students are currently receiving and what's missing - Strategies and campaigns to inform further research

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Rebekah Self

I think this is a really good idea and I would definitely encourage you to get support from societies as I think it is something that would very much help them and it could greatly help you getting this SUggestion through

Leanne Clydesdale

Thankyou, I have made a selection of suggestions to benefit the awareness. Hopefully we can slowly but surely achieve each ????

Lorna Cameron

Brilliant initiative! Well done. Communication and openness must be key to allowing students who are managing these kinds of challenges.

Charlotte Elnaugh

I think this is a really good idea! I've seen so many friends at this university in need help regarding mental health and not being able to get the support they need.

Sophie Brown

Such a brilliant idea. Communication is vital between tutor and student so this would be a great way! Speaking from experience it's a lot easier to manage situations when your tutors know, although initially going to talk to them was terrifying.

Paul Sinclair

Completely back this as someone who has experience about these issues from both sides. There are some simple things that can be done, which will have a hugely beneficial impact; empathy is a great starting point. Education is key to understanding and managing mental health challenges across the board.

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Grace Corn

Vice President Welfare & Community
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