Provide an outbound postal service or postbox on campus for students and staff.

Provide an outbound postal service or postbox on campus for students and staff.

Some sort of postal service would be hugely beneficial for students living in Lincoln due to the scarcity of public postboxes in the areas around campus. This could be implemented as part of the university's mail or possibly a delivery service to a post office or royal mail postbox.

Submitted by Rhianne Davis

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Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


Ways in which this SUggestion can be implemented as well as the possibility for the Students' Union to sell stamps at the SU Reception in Tower Bar are being investigated with the hope that it should be in place over the summer period, ready for the next academic year.

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Millicent Metcalfe

This is something I know that myself and many other students would find extremely helpful to have on campus.

Aaron Knowlton

This would be a great addition to the University, as it would allow for students to post more easily. Most other Universities have something similar to this and it would be good to follow that example.

Ailsa Winston

good idea

James Hayward

The SU would have to ask Royal Mail for this. I'm not sure where you want the postbox, the only feasible location it could be placed is outside the Tower Bar. This places it in the centre of as many people as possible and can be easily spotted by the public who can use it too.

You'd still have to go and buy stamps from the post office opposite the market and Wilko in the shopping maill regardless

Joshua Charles

This is a really great idea. I would have loved one in first year.

James, you can buy stamps behind the till at most shops. Don't have to make that trek to the post office!

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