The SU Should provide free printing for activities and academia

The SU Should provide free printing for activities and academia


Other universities around the country have access to a free printing service. The VP Academic Affairs has done a great job in reducing printing costs placed on students. However much we would like to see this go, premium printing will always come at a cost.

However, there is an option available that allows students to print completely free of charge, by putting documents on their phones and selecting their mobile app. This free printing comes with advertisements appended to the bottom, however for lecture notes and other non critical business this does not matter and helps support the union in terms of additional interest from sponsors, advertisers and essentially a new revenue stream.

Submitted by Luke Thompson

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Tommy George, Vice President Academic Affairs

Tommy George

Vice President Academic Affairs,

Free printing has now been confirmed as a service that will be provided by the Students' Union. Initial plans are currently being drafted as to its implementation come September 2017.

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Rebecca Lancashire

Having an empty bank account is something almost all students can relate to, though we do understand that it's our responsibility to save or earn enough to get by. But when the workload gets too much and having a job isn't possible, I don't feel as though saving up for printing is something we should have to worry about. Limiting nights out and treats? Yes! But printing? That should be free!

Ashley Williamson

Conversely, many departments provide printing credits. This is certainly the case for Computer Science. This amount increases year on year; and rolls-over. I don't believe the University or SU should front the cost of printing entirely, nor should the process involved in printing be unnecessarily complicated or convoluted by use of proprietary apps and ads. Cost helps prevents frivolous printing.

Chi Pham

I totally agree with the idea of free printing. Since many universities in UK offer free printing for students and this is also a factor that help universities gain mark on students' satisfaction.

Anh Nguyen

For the last 2 first months of term A, some of us had to top-up for the printing service as the matter of fact that we have a lot of lecture material to print. In the near future, we will also have assignment which need to be printed to hand-in. So if it is free, we could save a significant amount of money, especially our international students have a lot of expenses to be taken care of already.

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Tommy George

Vice President Academic Affairs
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