Library food making facilities

Library food making facilities

I think there should be a microwave and a hot water dispenser so that people who are having to spend prolonged periods of time in the library are able to eat more than McDonald's/ sandwiches or cold food. It would allow students to remain in the library and not walk long distances home for food and allow them to eat healthily/ healthier food then they have available while in the library at the moment. I feel that this will help stop students skipping meals when they are running behind with assessments.

Submitted by Emma Ord

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Lauren Jepson

A hot water machine would be great, I understand the safety implications it may have but even if we had to ask for the people behind reception to do it anything would be good!

Rebecca Coddington

As far as I'm aware there is still the rule of no hot/smelly food in the library, at least on Floors 1, 2 and 3. However, should this be implemented I feel that keeping hot food on the ground floor would be the best option. I appreciate everyone needs to eat but when you're working on the computers it can be quite off putting when someone has a strong-smelling food next to you.