24/7 on campus support

24/7 on campus support

An on campus walk-in centre where students can go at anytime to talk about any ailments or worries whether it be on a weekend or in the middle of the night.

Submitted by Maria Pullen

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Jemma Thwaytes

It's a good idea, however in principle it would be very difficult to implement. If these people are existing staff members, then they will not be able to do their day job and work nightshifts. If they are a dedicated, employed team this is expensive and they will not have academic experience/training to help with university work issues. So really they would just be a welfare team.

James Hayward

It doesn't seem feasible to pay multiple staff to do night shifts when so few people would come in at night. It's a nice idea, but perhaps it may be better to use the money this would cost elsewhere, students still have access in the daytime and they can still e-mail members of staff.

Ashley Williamson

24/7 Support isn't really a stringent requirement. If people require absolute urgency in dealing with their situation, I believe they should be seeking national health services, not those provided by the University. The University provides an entire "Student Wellbeing Centre" which increase their staff hours during peak times to accommodate student demand.