New student ID Card design

New student ID Card design

The current Student ID cards are quite basic in their design, and what little design they have, really doesn't look great, especially in comparison to other Universities Student ID cards.

The plain white background is just bland, and aside from essential bits of information, like ID numbers and the students name, and the logos for the University and the Students union, the only additional design feature on the card is the fact that it pointlessly says 'University of Lincoln' in tiny text 42 times, which just seems unnecessary, and looks poorly designed as it overlaps on other lines of text on the card. The back of the card is even more bland, with even more plain white space ,just the return address printed, and laughably, the word 'NEW' printed permanently in the top right.

The student ID card should be a good short representation of what the university is like, and it's currently a poor representation. I would suggest a new redesign, or a competition to design a new one.

Submitted by Nialle Bowles

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Hannah Gladding

The ID card is also missing the 3 year expiry date which prevents student discount for some stores.

George Hibbitt

The current cards also fade way too easily

Filip Grzejszczyk

What about virtual ID card? Student Id on your smartphone?

Emily Davies

Mine has faded by a fair amount and sometimes struggles to let me into the library